Event & Education Series that dissects the convergence of Mobile and All Media (Radio, Interactive, OOH, Television, Print, Social)

Launched in October 2010 with the simple mission to create a focused unique event series to educate and present the best cases, concepts and strategies for incorporating and combining mobile marketing/advertising with the different channels of Media; Radio, Interactive, OOH, TV, Print, Social.

Today many marketers are embracing mobile, but with a strategy solely as a separate channel.  ”Lets create an App? or We need a mobile site?”  This is how many marketers begin to look at mobile without contemplating the big picture issues such as consolidated CRM, cross-channel eCommerce, ubiquitous access for the digital subscriber and an integrated media production, campaign and strategy in order to best monetize and build overall ROI.  We set-out with the vision for Marketers and Publishers to find the best creative ways to leverage all channels together with mobile in order for them to best build a consistent cross-media strategy for their target audience.

Learn about these stories via MXM  so that 1+1+1+1 =10 ( Traditional, Interactive, Social, Mobile= the right cross-screen strategy)

This series is specifically designed for Publishers, Brand Marketers, Agency Media Buyers, Account Managers, Strategists and Creative Leads to network, share ideas and learn new methods for enhancing and executing on existing marketing programs to create the best ROI through efficient audience engagement practices and CRM, media buying, application development , eCommerce, content creation and delivery and publishing cross-media…… hence the name Media-Cross-Media

The inaugural Event was held on Oct 12th and 13th, 2010 had 120+ participants from the Brand, Publishing, Mobile and New Media Interactive Community.  There was a mobile marketing training session with 30 registered traditional media marketers that were excited to learn not only about mobile marketing, but the best ways to build an overall cross-media strategy.

Some highlights from MXM:MediaCrossMedia 2010, New York

  • 120+ Participants
  • 400+ people accessing the mobile site and twitter during  the actual event.
  • Over 50 mails back to us on the quality of the event, and the freshness and high-standard of the Content.
  • Video streaming with UStream averaged between up to 150 views from around the world at anyone time.
  • Happy  Sponsors  looking forward to the future of this series.

” We do not use word mobile marketing anymore.  It is just part of a digital marketing strategy.  Last year people were talking about Apps, now they have come to us to get the right mobile media strategy cross-media, it is for all of our clients across the board”- Rachel Pasqua, iCrossing/Hearst

” I participate in a variety of conferences, but this was so unique in the way you have brought online and mobile search together.  Having experts from both sides that normally do not co-mingle was a first time for me! ” Bill Hunt, President Black Azimuth

” Thanks again and I thought the quality of your speakers was very strong.  It was great fun to give a keynote in Twitter! lots of retweets”,  T.J Marchetti, VP Social, MTVN

” What a great start to a very interesting new area. There was tons of new fresh content! ” Ellen Oppenheim, Founder, Oppenheim Media Consulting

” I enjoyed this event, always many new interesting people brought together” Ralph Simon, CEO Mobilium

” It has been a great platform to discuss what we are doing with cross-media and our client Vegas.com”, Eric Hansen, CEO Sitespect

” Thanks for the opportunity to tell cross-media advertising stories”, Nadia Gonzalez, Admeld

” Congrats on everything, Matthew! Enjoyed to be part of it.” Dan Melinger, CEO, Socialight