Dec 7, 2011

Responsive Advertising Cross-Media

Admonsters OPS Mobile

MXM Partners with Admonsters OPS Mobile with a special session on Cross-Media Web Strategoes

Nov 15, 2011Sold Out!

In-Store Media Cross Media

Oct 6, 2011Sold Out!

(Special Event) Media and Advertising Meet Finnish Mobile

Oct 3, 2011Sold Out!

Brand Marketing Mobile App Show-Off [All NYC Mobile]

Sept 21, 2011Sold Out!

Social-Media | Cross-Media : Making way for a Facebook Marketing Cross-Screen Marketing Strategy

Aug 30, 2011 (Tues)Sold Out!

Digital Signage to Mobile Screens: Make way for a cross-screen marketing strategy

July 19, 2011Sold Out!

Defining Tablet Content in a Cross-Media Landscape

Fireside Chat;
Matthew Snyder (interviewer)
Galvin Kim, VP Content Strategies, Samsung

June 20, 2011Sold Out!

Monetizing your Brand or Media Property cross-print, outline and mobile (smartphone/ tablets)