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Digital Screens to Mobile Screens: Making way for a Digital Out-of-Home Cross-Screen Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, Aug 30th (5:30pm EST)

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Digital Signage to Mobile Screens : Making way for a Digital Out-of-Home cross-screen marketing strategy presentation and panel

Please join us for this exclusive strategy series for Brand Marketers, Media Buyers and Publishers looking for the right cross-platform marketing strategies.

By the end of 2011, more than 50% of US Consumers will be carrying a connected Smart Device- Nielsen Media. In Addition, DOOH is one of the world’s fastest growing media. While the rate of digital OOH growth has gone through a ‘gold rush’ and the publisher predicted ‘shakeout’ phase for two consecutive years, the report anticipates U.S. digital OOH spending will grow 15.1% to $2.07 billion in 2010, with worldwide spending up 16.3% to $6.47 billion, and is expected to expand another 16.7% in 2011.

As both Smartphone Interactivity and DOOH evolve, the interactivity between them has led to unique marketing opportunities beyond SMS and QR code engagement. Wi-fi, Next Generation Bluetooth technology, and NFC are making it possible to connect seamlessly between these two channels.

Together the DSA and MXM proudly bring a two part evening series to discuss the convergence of Digital Screens and Mobile Screens.

To begin with we are honored to have Sean Anderson from Six Flags entertainment to share with us insight on what it takes to evolve DOOH, Web and Mobile together for the right marketing strategy around the future or Multi-Screen Marketing.

We will follow the Presentation with a Panel, Moderated by Stuart Armstrong, Past President- Digital Screen Media Association/ Managing Director,ComQi and Matthew Snyder, Founder MXM and CEO, ADObjects, Inc.

Event agenda (all times EST) :
5:30~6:00 PM Networking
6:00~6:15 Brief Presentation by our Sponsors
  • Duane Morris
  • Digital Screen Media Association
6:15~6:45 Presentation: Bring together the Outdoor Digital Screen, Mobile and Online
Sean Andersen Sean Andersen, Director Interactive Services, Six-Flags Entertainment Corp
Digital Signage Mobile Screen Convergence Marketing
Stuart Armstrong Stuart Armstrong Managing Director, ComQi Past President, DSA Matthew Snyder Matthew Snyder Founder MXM, CEO ADObjects,Inc
Sean Andersen Sean Andersen, Director Interactive Services, Six-Flags Entertainment Corp
Jason Newport Jason Newport, SVP Mobile, CARAT
Tom Hennigan Tom Hennigan, Partner, Times Square Domination
Jeremy Lockhorn Jeremy Lockhorn, VP Emerging Media, Razorfish
Bob Gold Bob Gold, CEO, GOLD MOBILE
Some of the topics to be discussed:
  • Generally speaking, what has been learnt from “DOOH and Mobile” Marketing Projects.
  • What are the greatest challenges in building the right cross-media, cross-platform strategies?
  • The role of the App, Web and Social (Facebook, Twitter) in the Convergence of the three business models of DOOH, Online, Mobile
  • The role of CRM cross-platform tied to advertising, subscription, ecommerce, behavioral targeting and data management the enables best ways to leverage user information for optimization of engagement and traffic.
  • What kind of Disruptive strategies have best served to overall business of growing users-cross-media
  • What is the future of the users profile or category cross-platform to best tie everything together. Media Strategies, Re-targeting, Location-based targeting and information sharing for optimizing the marketing message
  • How to best leverage Twitter, Facebook to grow your media-cross-media
  • Can mobile lend itself to a Pay-for-Performance type of OOH Digital Screen model as well
  • How to efficiently bring Ad Sales and Advertising Operations best across all mediums in a consistent manner. Best use of understanding subscribers from different vantage points and then all together?
  • Some points and lessons learnt for the Advertiser now reaching the right potential customers.
7:45 Concluded