MXM Series

What is the right Integrated Cross-Media Mobile Strategy? Monetizing your Brand or Media Property cross-print, outline and mobile (smartphone/ tablets)

Monday, JUNE 20th (5:30pm EST)

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Scott Meyer
Scott Meyer
Eliot Pierce
Eliot Pierce
VP, Strategy and
Business Dev,
Advertising Ops
New York Times
Event agenda (all times EST) :
5:30~6:00 PM Networking
6:00~6:15 Introduction by Duane Morris Presentation by Matthew Snyder, Founder/ CEO ADObjects, Inc The Latest on the Cross-Media Landscape
6:15~7:15 Interview Discussion: Scott Meyer, CEO, EVIDON [Interviewer] Eliot Pierce, VP Strategy, Business Development and Advertising Operations The New York Times
7:15~7:30 Q&A
7:30 Concluded
Now that Smart Phone and Tablet penetration has reached critical mass (According to Nielsen Media, by 2012 more the 50% of US Consumers will carry a connected Smart Devices), many business owners are asking, “What is the right next step for a complete digital strategy?”, “What is right way to build our mobile business in unison with our overall Publishing and Brand Marketing Strategies?” Today,  as all Media Business Lines are evolving with the growth of social media and mobile, there is no question that a convergence strategy is essential MXM:MediaCrossMedia was launched as a platform to specifically address these issues for Brand Marketers, Publishers, Agency Media Buyers, Account Managers, Strategists, Creative Directors and anybody responsible for creating the best ROI for a Brand cross-media. This month as part of the release of MXM Series,  MXM proudly invites Eliot Pierce, VP Strategy Business Development and Ad Operations of The New York Times to discuss with us his insights on what it takes to not only evolve multiple successful media properties, but how to best join them together for the optimum cross-media strategy ( advertising, subscription,  subscriber engagement, etc..). Today, when end-users have access anytime, anywhere to all media of a specific brand, the question remains as to  ”What are the best ways to monetize, market and bring constant value to that end-user.  Traditional Marketing channels have been silo’d, but as mobile lives with us anytime we consume media,  there must be a marketing and editorial shift required?”, ” Do advertising strategies need to be bridged in such a way an ad impressions for one channel must link to an another leveraging relevant contextual way that makes the most sense? ”   Not only is Eliot speaking from experience as a leader in this space,  this year his company,  The New York Times was a recipient of multiple Webby’s for thier top-class mobile and web design and delivery strategies. To interview and share his own views,  we also bring media thought-leader and visionary, Scott Meyer, CEO and Founder, EVIDON to MXM.  Scott will ask those deep questions concerning the best ways for media to connect and engage users cross-media without compromising end-user’s privacy and security.
Some of the topics to be discussed:
  • Generally speaking, what has New York Times learnt from its “Digital Subscriber” Campaign?
  • What are the greatest challenges in building the right cross-media, cross-platform strategies?  How has mobile played a role in cross-platform marketing
  • The role of the App, Web and Social (Facebook, Twitter) in the Convergence of the three business models of Print, Online, Mobile.  Some high-level insights worth sharing.
  • The role of CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) cross-platform tied to advertising, subscription, ecommerce, behavioral targeting and data management in order to best leverage user information for engagement optimization and traffic building.
  • The discussion of the different disruptive strategies have best served the overall business of growing users and revenue
  • Looking at the future of “the Cookie” in the context of  cross-platform Media Strategies, Re-targeting, Location-based targeting and information sharing
  • Methods of how to  leverage Twitter, Facebook to grow your media-cross-media
  • Uncovering Free vs. Premium Services in order the facilitate building a sustainable business.   How to best leverage each property so 1+1=3 is the formula for your business.
  • How to efficiently bring Ad Sales and Advertising Operations best across all mediums in a consistent manner. Best use of understanding subscribers from different vantage points and then all together?
  • Some more points and lessons learnt for the Advertiser on how to reach and engage right potential customers through this cross-media strategy.