MXM Series

In-Store Media Cross Media : Optimizing a Last Mile Marketing Strategy Integrated with Mobile, Print, DOOH and Social

Tuesday Nov 15th (5:30pm EST)

In-Store Media Cross Media

Special 2011 Season Event. How the Mobile Shopper will change Brick-n-Mortar retail shopping

(October 28th) Over 75% of users with smartphones do price checks on their mobile device before purchase. Not only do in-store mobile apps play a major role in engagement, offers and location based advertising, so does traditional marketing techniques such as SMS, QR codes and the emerging areas of integrated NFC marketing and the mobile wallet.

The holy grail for retail marketers has been to best enable that last-minute shopping decision with the traditional methods of merchandising now being disrupted with mobile online shops instead of the typical check-out processes. Mobile has led to the opportunity to not only get that “impulsive buy” via 1-click buy and carry or home delivery, but offers an array of opportunities around mCRM.

Mobile will have a major role to play moving forward in the overall brand marketing in-store strategy. For this holiday special MXM we will bring such brands to share that story in an amazing venue along 5th Avenue and 34th street- The Empire State Building.

For this special MXM as we are honored to have an event tied to the book signing and book release by long-term veteran of the Mobile Industry, Gary Schwartz.

The book is titled “The Impulse Economy- Understanding Mobile Shoppers and What Makes them Buy.” Today it was announced with partner Atria, to be the “First-Ever Near field Communications Enabled” smart book. NFC will become a key part of the mobile shopping experience in 2012, and to learn from the key thought leaders in this space just before the 2011 Holiday Season craze is an event not to be missed.


To bring together brands, agencies, marketers, innovators, technology companies to share and learn about the best cases of marking in-store via mobile, print, DOOH and social

Event Overview

The event will have 3 Speakers ( one from mobile, one from traditional media and Gary’s Book release describing how the converge of mobile has affected their in-store marketing plans for the holidays)

  • Using the basics of mobile marketing cross-media to drive final purchase at the point of sale, in the isle, and when users grab the products or in the window
  • Gary Schwartz will be presenting as well as signing his latest book
  • Event is held on Tues Nov 15th ( Event Agenda Below)
  • Focus is on Brand Marketers, Agencies and Cross-Media technology solutions
Relevant Reference Topics:
  • Strategies to drive users in the store to make the sale.
  • Very unique mobile applications used by brands for brand marketing purposes tied to customer awareness and customer relationships in-store
  • What are the best way(s) cases to achieve superior ROI for the Brand at the point of sale
  • How social media can be leveraged to build Brand ROI at the point of sale
  • How to build a CRM that can lead to purchases based on continuous engagement and offers
  • Location Marketing for the Brand
  • Creating the right Loyalty relationship with the Brand via Mobile
Nov 15th, 2011 Event Agenda :
5:30~6:10 PM Networking Reception
6:10~6:15 Introduction by Host- Matthew Snyder, MXMEvents
6:15~7:00 Presentation by Sponsors (Adgent Digital, CTN, Velti, etc…)
7:00~7:30 Gary Schwartz Presentation:
Gary Schwartz Gary Schwartz, CEO, Impact Mobile President, MEF-AM Author, Impulse Econony (ATRIA)
Judith Curr Judith Curr, EVP and Publisher, Atria Books
7:45~7:55 Presentation from the Brand In-Store Perspective:
William Warshaw William Warshaw, Owner, TastiDlite
7:55~8:10 Presentation from the Retailer In-Store Perspective:
Joe Carvelli Joe Carvelli, CEO, Retail Ingenuity
8:10~8:45 Panel with the Speakers and Q&A:
Joe Carvelli Joe Carvelli, CEO, Retail Ingenuity
8:45~9:15 Refreshments and Networking

Venue: Corporate Tax Network, Empire State Building, 34th and 5th Avenue, 60th Floor

About MXM:
  • Monthly Educational Series that focuses on the different verticals of Cross-Media Mobile and Social Media Marketing ( multi-screen)
  • About 60~80 people at each event that are comprised of 40% Brand/Agency, 40% Media or Publisher, and 20% Platform or Consultants.
  • The MC for the event will by Matthew ( MXM), and there will be a key industry leader in the Retail Space to moderate the panel