ALL NYC Mobile Branded-App Show-Off

Monday Oct 1st 2012

6:30pm (7:00 Start)
App Demo’s
Special Show

Co-Produced By (All mobile events team in NYC)

Co-Produced By (All mobile events team in NYC) MXM Mobile Monday NY NYC Mobile Apps NYC Mobile Forum New York Android Developers

Presentations By (Branded Apps)

Presentations By (Branded Apps)

Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors

Panel of Judges

Supporting Sponsors (Judges)
Welcome to the Battle of the Brand Apps Event!

(This event was created by the different mobile associations of NYC especially for Advertising Week- please note that if you are a mobile event association and you would like to join the group let us know!)

The goal of this event is to create an opportunity for the community to learn about the best Apps for brand marketing build by developers, agencies and marketers in NYC.

  • Any company that has created a unique app for a Brand ( See rules below that define a Brand) can submit an App from Sept 20~Sept 27 noon EST
  • An internal panel of Judges will vote on  the Apps to present  from Sept 28 till Oct 1st Noon EST
  • The Top 3~5 App companies will have a chance to present thier App. They must tell the story on how this app has support the growth of the Brand.

Within hours of going live, here are some of the “Brand Marketing Apps” that were registered last year!
( Register before Sept 27 noon if you want a chance to present)

Event Agenda
6:30~7:00pm Reception (Networking and Drinks)
7:00~7:15pm Introductions from the Hosts
7:15~8:30pm Selected Brand App Demo’s and Descriptions
8:00~8:30pm Moderated Panel with Judges
* Moderated Panel with Judges
9:00~10:00pm Networking Food and Drinks